Our Story


Growing up I've always been lucky enough to have a family that only believes in cooking fresh and healthy food. I remember helping choose what spices go into the dinner with my mum or helping my grandma make fresh pastry for her incredible egg custards.

I've carried this ethic about the food my family eats and the memories it holds, be that helping cook Christmas dinner with the family or teaching my children to cook! 

I have always had an obsession with chilli's and spices, knowing there can be a dramatic change in flavours based on the way you use just a simple ingredient. Always making rubs & mixes to make dinner time really pop with flavour!

An Idea

We all know how crazy 2020 was with lockdowns & furlough. Just like most people I had to self isolate to protect my family when the initial outbreak began. 

One day while cleaning the pots our beloved actifry broke down! Knowing that the kids loved the occasional chips I decided we needed to get this replaced. My brother had recently been hounding me to get a pressure cooker as well so I thought id kill 2 birds with 1 stone and buy a Ninja Foodi Max. The crazy part about these godly machines is ther are a Airfyer, Pressure Cooker, Yoghurt Maker, Slow Cooker and so many more things all combined.

I had a few months of lock down left so I turned to my partner and said 'I'm going to try all of these setting before furlough ends' and I set out to try everything that I could.

A few weeks on and almost every setting had been tried but there was one last one, dehydrate! I bought myself a big cut of beef and got to work slicing, cutting and marinating. I popped it in and turned the timer to 8 hours and watched as meat got drier and drier. 

After it was done I decided to share some to family and friends and was told that it tasted amazing! With some recommending that I tried to sell it online!


Next came the refinement! I decided to switch up beef for bacon because who doesn't love bacon. Then I began to work on different flavours rather than making a basic BBQ Sauce.

After a lot of fiddling about with all the above and trying to find the best packaging the product was ready to ship. 

We posted a few listings on Etsy on the 15th August 2020.


Days passed and nothing. Weeks passed and nothing. I thought that no one loved the idea of this incredible Bacon Jerky like I did. 

Then from no where, a sale! On the 8th September 2020 I had my first official organic sale. Then another and another and another!


Things were looking great at this time and I had my little Ninja Foodi pumping out Jerky left right and centre. Then I realised a problem. It's too small!


After careful consideration it was time for an upgrade & I went out to buy my first dehydrator machine. This has 6 racks and has a sooo much bigger drying space than the gimmick setting on the Ninja Foodi.


Things were looking good and it meant that I had time to look at new flavours. 


Having launched in August was a little bit brilliant as it wasn't too far before Christmas! October eventually hit and I had so many people asking about pre-orders and best before dates looking for gifts. 

Every month from launch I saw my sales double and double and even though I tried to keep to demand by buying my second dehydrator we had to shut our shop at the beginning of December to endure everyones orders were on time!


We are now a small family business that does everything from start to finish, still slicing, marinating & packaging by hand.

I will always strive to provide new flavours and push boundaries. I will always aim to have the most variety of flavoured jerky across and company, anywhere!

I hope you enjoy as much as we do!

Joshua Dawson